Standard Contract

We want you, our future family, to know what you can expect so you can make informed decisions.

What do you provide? We provide complete editing, design, printing, distribution, and marketing of your book with no out of pocket expenses for you provided it is done in house. If you pay for any of these services out of pocket on your own the profit split outlined below will change, as we did not have an expenditure to recoup.

What countries rights do you typically negotiate for? We prefer to have worldwide publishing rights, though we will publish solely with single territory rights.

How is the advance against royalties paid? The advance of $300 USD against royalties is paid in three installments: One-third upon the signing of an Agreement, one-third upon delivery and acceptance of the complete Manuscript, and one-third upon publication of the Work in the first Publisher’s Edition.

Do I ever have to pay it back? Typically no, as it is an advance against your share of profits. It only needs to be returned if you terminate the contract before publication.

Not even if my book makes less than the advance? Correct.

How much of the profits do I get after publication? 40% of the Net Revenues of the first 5,000 Net Copies Sold of any Edition. 50% of the Net Revenues on the next 10,000 Net Copies Sold of any Edition. 60% of the Net Revenues on sales in excess of 15,000 Net Copies Sold of any Edition. Simply put the more successful your book, the higher your share.

What about movies and tv? If we sell your book to a movie or tv producer we split the profits evenly.

What about my copyright? If you don’t have one, we will take one out in your name at our expense. The work remains yours.

What if I have other questions? email us.

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