When You Lose Control



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In the bustling City of New York, dreams are the currency of the ambitious. Marla Cameron, a thirty-six-year-old self-made writer, refuses to let anyone define her limits. Today marks the beginning of a transformative journey for Marla as she dives headfirst into the exhilarating world of Off-Broadway theater. But destiny takes an unexpected turn when charismatic fifty-five-year-old Billy Sweeney strides into the audition room, igniting a passion that threatens to consume them both.
But as their connection deepens, a new threat looms on the horizon—an invisible force has brought the world to its knees.
The Covid pandemic casts an eerie shadow over their evolving romance, challenging Marla to confront the very core of her existence. Locked within the confines of their home and restricted by the rapidly tightening grip of the outside world, Marla realizes she must do better. In her pursuit of self-discovery, she peels back the layers of her privileged existence, exposing the cracks in her foundation. What if everything she thought she knew was a mere illusion? Who will she become when the world, as she knows it, crumbles? Through intimate prose that captures the essence of resilience, privilege, and the indomitable human spirit, Marla’s story compels us to question our own lives. In this tale of love, self-exploration, and the fragility of our reality, join Marla as she strives to make a difference—a journey that will linger in your heart long after you turn the final page.


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