ARC Review Program

Are you a book blogger, Booktoker, or Bookstgramer with ten or ten million followers? Then you should sign up for our ARC review program for free books. Simply fill out the form below.

Things You Should Know:

  1. The e-ARCs will be in pdf format, and often will not include cover art. These are final edit copies which may still contain some small errors.
  2. There are a limited number of e-ARCs, the number will vary from book to book due to agreements we have or may have with the author.
  3. The number of physical ARCs available is limited and cannot be shipped to an address outside the continental United States. The physical books may be Proofs and stamped as such. Proofs may not be sold. In the interest of fairness these will be sent to randomly selected reviewers from our list of requests. Each new proof will result in a new randomized drawing.
  4. We cannot provide ARCs or Proofs to the general public.
  5. Being a publisher of Horror, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure/Thriller, and Poetry for Young Adults, New Adults, and Adults some of our books may contain triggering or challenging material. Since these are ARCs or Proofs they may not yet contain trigger warnings.