Spinning Monkey Press LLC is an independent publisher of print and eBooks. We specialize in Poetry, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, and Thriller/Adventure stories for adults and young adults. We will consider other genres, but suggest you may wish to seek out a publisher which specializes in your chosen genre. They will likely have specialized industry contacts. We are most interested in stories by and about marginalized people (LGBTQIA+, Women, BIPOC, and Neurodivergent, to name a few).

We are an author centered publisher, but what does that mean? It means you the author are our paramount concern. We want you to be happy and successful. We are not gatekeepers, in fact we don’t even know where the gate is. We are committed to helping you make your book the best it can be. We will help you with developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, cover art and the whole shebang. Or if you have your own preferred editors, artists etc. we can do that as well. Furthermore, we will happily suggest other publishers whom may be a better fit for you as well.

Why Spinning Monkey?

We’re glad you asked. You did ask, didn’t you? Our founder is crazy about apes and monkeys, and is something of an amateur primatologist. Many years ago, he watched a documentary called People of the Forest about the chimps of the Gombi preserve. It featured the child of a low ranking female named Gilka. Gilka was shy, and often ignored by the other infant chimps. Since she did not usually have playmates, she amused herself by spinning in circles. Our founder fell in love with this lonely little ‘spinning monkey,’ as he came to call her. And yes he knows chimps are apes. But spinning monkey sounds way cuter than spinning ape. So, there you have it.

Let’s build something together.