Year Zero Giveaway

Glorious afternoon, Citizens. The CEO and the Department of Media Services has authorized us to inform you of the following. But, first, a reminder.

An exciting, all-new Manhunt premieres today. Manhunt is brought to you by the Department of Media Services and Permaclean. For that extra white smile, she can’t help but notice use Permaclean. Remember to watch the Hunters rid the precincts of more treacherous, un-American vermin. And don’t forget to text the loyalty code at the start of the show to the local Sons verification squad to prove you’re watching.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Year Zero, the enthralling first volume of the Revolution’s Children Trilogy, we’re giving away five copies signed by the author, David Dean Lugo. All true and loyal citizens can enter starting May 7 until May 31 by heading over to Goodreads. America first. America last. America always.

Year Zero

Book One: Revolution’s Children

A brutal dictatorship. A ruthless police force. A #1 rated gameshow of death. Welcome to The Incorporated Precincts of America.

        It’s been two years since the establishment of the brutal dictatorship The Incorporated Precincts of America and its governing Board and CEO, as well as the death of the old America. Sixteen-year-old Joey Cryer has two missions: to keep his six-year-old sister, Julia, safe, and to not die.

      America first. America last. America always. This is the vow that the CEO leader of the IPA—The Incorporated Precincts of America—pledges to his suffering citizens. With violent protests breaking out in every city, attacks against immigrants, and the national crisis of the Capitol Event, young Joey must keep his vigilance in staying clear of the IPA’s ever-watching Sons of Liberty—its ruthless police force—to avoid becoming “disappeared” with his little sister. This means not maligning the governing body, The Corporation, with any thought, word, or action, or else suffer the consequence. One such sanction for disobeying citizens is being forced to be a contestant on the television show “Manhunt,” where they fight for their lives against the Sons, and celebrity Hunters.

      Two years earlier, before the Second Revolution, Joey’s biggest concern was sitting at the right cafeteria table at his high school or if the girl he liked liked him back. Avoiding the school bully, Harlan Grundy, was always a plus. So, it was no big surprise that Harlan became a Son, loyal to The Corporation and carrying out their murderous deeds to keep citizens in check, and in fear. 

      Having lost everything in the revolution’s aftermath, Joey takes an unfathomable risk by helping the near-dead leader of the rebellion, John Doe. Having anything to do with Doe ensure you’re sentenced to the death. And , not only you, but everyone you love will pay the price. And yet Joey’s sole mission is keep Julia safe until they can secretly escape to freedom. To do so, he finds he has an unlikely partner in a recently betrayed Harlan. Trusting his former enemy may be the only way to ensure their future—but is it worth the risk for Joey, Julia, and his community?

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